Monday, January 8, 2007

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Publications by Timothy McBride
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Eden's Secrets---A mental poetic journey into a world of energy,love,gravity,time,space, and thought as overlaping dreams conflict with realities that terraform the mind inside the city limit's sign just outside nature's garden.

Eden's Secrets


A fast forward look into the emerging technologies of the Green mean Future. If You need to get inspired about going Green, Solar! Or just more environmental responsiblity? Then this is your note book with a commentary that puts you right into the solar self-reliant habitat philosophy as it is being developed all around you. Start your investigation into the abilities of specialized energy conscience structures that supply all or most energy needed on site co-existing with human Eco-lifestyle Communities.

Alien Testament

Time travel into the future and the past all at once. Enjoy a fresh new objective view of the ET world all around us. Adventure into a new heaven, a new age of energy and alternative vocation. Experience history, science, religion, evolution and time itself from the perspective of the, Alien Testament written from within another dimension from parts unknown.