Friday, September 12, 2008

Natural-Bio-Gas Combination

Energy Self-Sufficient Single Family Home

Methane ( Natural gas-Bio-gas or Wood- gas ) powered motor driven alternator is a unique way to disperse organic waste. Twenty pounds of dry matter which consists of dry leaves, vegetable scraps, straw, and activated sludge will yield 250 cubic feet of biogas. This gas can be used to run engines, cook, light, refrigerate, boil water, etc. The gas produced when sludge is piped underground to a storage digester for on demand fuel use when needed. Personal use patterns illustrate the consumption rate per hour with various burn tasks. A 1 horsepower stuart engine will consume 18 cubic feet biogas per hour coupled with a 2000 Watts D.C. 110 volt generator. The generator will produce 1860 Watts while running on biogas. The generator set on automatic demand during high human use pattern periods. Generator peak demand back up with human use patterns for all seasons, aswell a natural gas converter system on the average car will allow this system to refuel hybrid automobiles at the local household station.

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