Friday, September 12, 2008

Wind Energy and Electric/Solar/ Hybrid Car Power

Energy Self-Sufficient Single Family Home

1000 WATT wind charger will begin charging batteries with a 8 mph breeze or a wind machine can also pump water directly. Wind power comes in many variations such as wind speed, direction, temperature, height, gusty, or smooth. This of course changes with the seasons making wind energy hard to predict but mostly is blowing during seasonal changes. Some wind sites have a prevailing wind that is fairly constant year round.
Air flow is less turbulent and more steady 5 feet above tree line. Also a good power tower can be used to mount photovoltaic modules, water tanks, solar collectors, and communication devices, etc.

Secondary vehicle isolator battery charging systems are used year round for storing excess electricity while commuting. The energy is transferred to dwelling by means of a special connector in garage area. The device will not drain cranking or drive battery system. Energy is on demand during high load hours in sequence with at home use patterns as well illustrates the storage amount saved in ampere hours needed during a up coming trip or daily commute milage range.

Every 50 miles driven in a average solar hybrid/electric car can supply approximately 120 ampere hour to the extra storage cell battery on board.

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