Friday, September 12, 2008

Southern Enviro-Shelter Research & Development

The Emerging Solar Civilization

The advancing solar age of mankind is very rapidly becoming the reality as more and more human beings are experiencing in their communities all over the planet rapid change. In the United States of America, this reality is becoming the innovation of a nation. These are truly exciting times as many industries all across the country are gearing up for the future of electric hybrid cars, high tech solar homes, localized energy systems using combinations of wind, solar, wood, small hydroelectric, bio fuel and other renewable energy technologies, such as existing grid connecting devices that help eliminate battery storage. Off Grid habitats, once just a dream has now again becoming the norms for many families that are moving back into the rural areas inspired by the concept of existing on this planet with a lifestyle that has a lighter carbon footprint. In summary, weighing the balance of present times and events, with increasing evidence of the degradation of the natural environment. In fact, the repercussions from unpredictable cause and effect responses from the eco-system is an unstable environment. The massive dwindling of non-renewable, terribly polluting energy resources has already reached to levels that ecological compatible energy must be established to maintain sustainability. Therefore, the ongoing success of this experiment, and many other similar around the globe, is a growing testimony that the age of restoration is upon each of us. With this, the ultimate responsibility for the wholeness of the immediate environment, is truly in our own hands.

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