Friday, September 12, 2008

Water and Small Hydro-Electric Combination

Energy Self-Sufficient Single Family Home

1000 WATT Hydro-electric generator is dependent on the flow of water through the site or heavy rainfall in the guttering system. The amount of water falling is measured in gallons per minute or running pounds of pressure. This amount will vary greatly from different sites. There will be variation from dry to wet weather seasons. We will illustrate the varied electrical supply in amps with the average use patterns of a region's wet season, which is usually the spring or fall time of the year.

Water falling with a running pressure of 40 pounds will yield a steady 24 hour electrical charge to the battery bank at 10 amps. The extra water can be used for a storage cistern for irrigation or other domestic purposes, such as a fountain or a waterfall. The electricity can also we used to operate DC well pumps directly or other fun water projects.

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