Friday, September 12, 2008

The Solar Home In Action

In this study, basic alternative energy producing equipment is tested in passive-active structures. Based on the average consumption levels of an energy-conservative one family dwelling. Peak energy input averages are gathered during seasonal intervals from each device. During the favored season of each device strategical experiments are done to increase maximum energy production.
Structurally Integrated energy producing systems; Immediate environment control; Energy Convenient efficiency; Localized supply-demand equivalency matching.
The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the abilities of specialized energy conscience structures; to supply all energy needed co-existing with human behavior patterns. Using the natural environment in and around the structure as the main source of energy input while keeping the equilibrium of life sustaining substances intact. Seasonal characteristics of Diversified Electrical Loads Daily Profiles. These following charts and photographs show the pattern of energy use for a family living in an total solar/ hybrid electric three-bedroom habitat using between 2500- 4000 - Kilowatt hours per year.
In general, using the electrical loads daily profiles as a guide, the performance of the following electrical generating devices are shown to co-relate with patterns of natural occurring environmental phenomenon.


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